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Want a portable ice skating rink in your city or event? Skating rinks are an unforgettable central object which can become the main visitor magnet for your city or company. 

Full service

We offer full service Ice skating rink setup, technical support and training so you can give the best service for your customers

Everything is included

Flooring, chiller, siding, ice skate rent point, ice cleaning machine and construction – everything is included. 

Winter’s Versatile Delights: Portable Ice Rinks

Portable ice rinks are versatile and suitable for parks, corporate events, schools, malls and countless other settings, transforming any space into a winter wonderland for all to enjoy.

Where Winter Magic Begins: Comprehensive Site Evaluation

e kickstart the magic by conducting a thorough site evaluation, ensuring you get the perfect winter venue. Our experts visit your location, assess its suitability, and help you make the most of your unique space. Discover how we turn your vision into a reality with a tailor-made ice skating experience.


Chill and Thrill: Effortless Delivery and Setup

When it’s time to bring your ice skating dreams to life, we’ve got you covered. Our delivery and setup service ensures a hassle-free experience. From chiller installation to securing the ice skate rental point, we handle every detail. All you need to do is watch as your winter wonderland takes shape. Let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the icy thrills.

Skate with Confidence: Expert Tech Support and Training

We believe in offering the complete package. Our commitment extends beyond setup, with expert technical support and training. Our team equips you with the knowledge and tools to run your ice skating rink with confidence. From ice cleaning machine maintenance to ensuring the safety of your visitors, we’ve got it all covered. Skate into a seamless experience with our comprehensive support and training.